This MCU Phase 4 movie might have one of the best cameos of all time

An insider claims that a key Marvel movie might deliver one of the most amazing cameos ever seen in the MCU.

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  • An insider claims that a key Marvel movie might deliver one of the most amazing cameos ever seen in the MCU.
  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is one of Phase 4’s most important movies, according to some reports. The sequel is expected to explore the multiverse further and feature alternate versions of existing MCU superheroes.
  • Marvel is supposedly looking at casting high-profile cameos in the film, including a fan-favorite choice for Iron Man.

We’re used to spotting all sorts of Easter eggs and cameos in Marvel movies; it’s part of what makes them so exciting. It’s not just the epic Stan Lee cameos, which have been a staple feature of every Marvel movie made until Lee’s passing or cameos that involved recurring characters who were used to link up these movies. For example, Robert Downey Jr. is rumored to appear in Black Widow even though the actor confirmed he did not shoot any additional scenes for Marvel. The studio has used old footage from the Civil War days instead. It’s also other well-known individuals who have briefly appeared in certain scenes belonging to the 23 movies that we saw so far, part of the Infinity Saga. Like Jim Starlin, the artist who created Thanos and was briefly featured in Avengers: Endgame.

Marvel is expected to continue the tradition in the future, and a rumor now says the studio is working on what might be the most amazing MCU cameos ever. If true, it would be even better than Deadpool 2’s best possible cameo. Or Thor Ragnarok Matt Damon scene.

Admittedly, Deadpool 2 is a Fox picture with no connection to the MCU — Fox made it before Disney bought Fox. But there’s a fantastic scene in the film that features Vanisher’s death. He’s a member of Deadpool’s X-Force team, and he’s invisible. But he dies after being electrocuted following a horrific skydiving deployment for the team. That’s where we briefly get to see that the actor playing the hero is none other than Brad Pitt:

Equally impressive was having Matt Damon playing an Asgardian actor who was playing a heroic Loki in a theater play in Ragnarok. But Damon’s cameo was a lot more obvious than Pitt’s. These are the kind of stars you don’t expect to see in such movies unless they’re playing major roles. Yet they still agreed to cameo in these productions.

This brings us to the Tom Cruise rumor, because that’s the actor Marvel is reportedly looking to include in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Just as I think WandaVision might be one of the most exciting TV series of MCU Phase 4, I happen to believe that the Strange sequel will be a key development in Phase 4. It’s not just because Wanda is rumored to be a villain in Strange 2, but also because the film might offer us a different look at a multi-dimensional universe our heroes have to face, after what we just saw in Ant-Man and Endgame. And that could set up future storylines and crossovers, including Secret Wars.

This is actually where Cruise’s cameo would work great, because he could play a different version of Iron Man, hailing from a different universe.

As Jeremy Conrad explains, Cruise was often fan-casted as Tony Stark, and the actor wanted to produce and star in an Iron Man movie in 1998. That never came to fruition, and it’s probably for the best, given what RDJ did with the role. But Strange 2 could give us a glimpse of Cruise’s take of the character. And that’s what makes this rumored cameo even better than Pitt’s Vanisher or Damon’s unnamed Asgarian actor.

The rumor comes from long-time Marvel insider Daniel Richtman, who said that Marvel is toying with the idea of having some high-profile cameos in Doctor Strange 2, including Cruise as an alternate Iron Man. The idea itself would be a great tribute to fans who have been fan-casting their own Marvel team-ups over the year, featuring other actors than the ones Marvel ultimately went with for the roles.

As we’ve told you before, that’s the best way to bring RDJ back to Iron Man, without ruining the legacy of Endgame. RDJ could play a different version of Tony Stark in that rumored Secret Wars storyline, but that doesn’t make a Cruise cameo in Strange 2 any less exciting.

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