Tie Solution GmbH from Wetzlar

Tie Solution GmbH from Wetzlar   seidentuch bedrucken Tie Solution GmbH from Wetzlar, one of the

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Tie Solution GmbH from Wetzlar


seidentuch bedrucken

Tie Solution GmbH from Wetzlar, one of the leading manufacturers of accessories such as scarves, neckties, pocket squares, and ties, welcomes a visit from CDU politician Frank Steinraths MdL Wetzlar, 9. Mai 2023 – Hessian state parliament member of the CDU faction, Frank Steinraths, visited Tie Solution GmbH in Wetzlar today. During his tour of the company, Steinraths inspected the design development and material selection of the company, and viewed a variety of projects and clients already completed, including renowned local companies such as Sparkassen Wetzlar, Sparkasse Gießen, Volksbank Heuchelheim, Rittal GmbH & Co KG, as well as national and international companies including Etihad Airlines, the Spanish government, WMF, German Bundestag, Clarins, Bundesärztekammer, LBS, Accenture, Anwaltskammer, VW, Seat, Santander Bank and many more Mr. Steinraths was surprised to learn that a company like Tie Solution, which creates, produces, and distributes accessories such as neckties, scarves, winter scarves, and shawls, supplies globally operating companies like these, even though it is hardly known in Wetzlar. Furthermore, Mr. Frank Steinraths MdL was informed about the company’s expansion plans by the managing director, Mr. Antonio G. Sanchez As a manufacturer and distribution company of accessories, Tie Solution must reinvent itself due to the rapidly growing electronic B2B commerce. To meet this trend, the company is establishing its own IT team and online marketing team to take care of the various needs of B2B partners and ensure the online dissemination of Tie Solution products throughout Europe Another characteristic of the company is its social commitment. Tie Solution supports people who have difficulties starting their professional careers by offering them job opportunities. One example is Mr. Mobin, who comes from Iran and had difficulties finding work in Germany despite having good qualifications. Thanks to the support of Tie Solution, he received a work and residence permit as well as a home in Dutenhofen near Wetzlar During his visit, Mr. Steinraths personally presented Mr. Mobin with his first employment contract in Germany. Mr. Mobin thanked him and emphasized how grateful he was for the support of Tie Solution and the opportunity to work in Germany. Tie Solution GmbH The service company Tie Solution GmbH, based in Wetzlar, is an internationally operating provider of women’s and men’s accessories in the areas of merchandising, corporate identity, and fashion. Specializing in scarves, neckties, winter scarves, mitzahs, and ties, the company offers products of the highest quality and design. The design team works individually on each project and creates customized accessories. To guarantee the best quality, high-quality materials from Italy, Great Britain, Spain, and France are used, and products can be made digitally printed, screen printed, or woven, depending on the needs. The Tie Solution GmbH supplies a variety of customers from Germany and abroad, including banks, airlines, car manufacturers, advertising agencies, trade shows, beverage manufacturers, governments, fashion companies, associations, and sports federations. The company aims to offer its customers high-quality accessories at affordable prices and is one of the leading companies in its industry in Germany and Europe. Here is some of our Pages that you can visit

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