Photos claim to show high-end battery accessory for the 5G Apple iPhone 12 series

Back during the summer, we told you that Twitter tipster @L0vetodream disseminated a tweet to get the word ou

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Back during the summer, we told you that Twitter tipster @L0vetodream disseminated a tweet to get the word out about the USB-C to Lightning cable that will come in the box with the 2020 iPhone 12 family. The tipster said that the new cable will be braided allowing it to be more durable than the previous iteration of the cord which was made without using fabric for durability. Considering that Apple is reportedly not including a charging brick with the purchase of its 2020 phones, upgrading the cable is probably the least that it can do.
Today, a tweet from another tipster who calls Twitter his home, Mr.white (@laobaiTD), contains photos that allegedly show the new braided cable from different angles. As we've already pointed out, on one end is the USB-C  connector (instead of the USB-A) with the Lighting plug on the opposite end of the cable. And while the braided cable is supposed to make the accessory tougher, the one included in the MacPro also has a plastic sleeve where the cable and connector come together. This adds extra protection right at a spot where Apple's customers have complained about wear and tear before on currently offered cables.
Besides leaving the charging brick out of the boxes containing the new iPhone 12 series handsets, Apple will also reportedly stop including the wired EarBuds in the iPhone packaging. We imagine that Apple will give consumers the opportunity to add the EarBuds and the charger to online orders (at an extra cost, of course). The EarBuds with a Lightning connector is priced at $29 from the App Store. The iPhone 12 series is rumored to support 20W fast charging and the brick will probably be priced at $29.
Last year, for the very first time, Apple included an 18W fast charger in the box with the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Starting with the iPhone 8 line in 2017 and including the 2018 models, the iOS-powered handsets supported 18W charging although a 5W brick was found in the box. Those who wanted to take advantage of the faster-charging speeds that allow users to charge to 50% in 30 minutes, had to shell out $29 for the 18W accessory. That is, until last year." This year will be even worse with the absence of both the EarBuds and the charging brick. Even with the nice looking braided cable, be prepared to open your wallet even after you spring to buy one of the new 5G iPhone 12 models.
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