Apple iPad Air 4: all the new colors

We’re still eagerly anticipating the announcement of the iPhone 12 lineup but at least Apple was gracious enou

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We’re still eagerly anticipating the announcement of the iPhone 12 lineup but at least Apple was gracious enough to release new iPads and Apple Watches to keep us busy until its next event. Among the two new iPads, the iPad 8th generation and the iPad Air 4th generation, the second one is far more exciting. Besides the new design, Apple also brought some new colors to the iPad Air lineup. Now that the Air is an iPad Pro lookalike, it seems at Cupertino decided to give the iPad Air a few fresh colors to help users distinguish the two devices from one another. For the actual differences between the two models, check our iPad Air 4 vs iPad Pro comparison.Anyway, back to the colors. Apple is really highlighting them as a feature for the new iPad Air, even including them in the tagline: “Powerful. Colorful. Wonderful.” So, what’s so special about them?

Well, two of them are the classic Space Gray and Silver that need neither an introduction nor any special attention. Beyond that are the cool new finishes that Apple has chosen for the colorful iPad Air 4. Let’s check them out!

iPad Air 4 in Rose Gold

Rose Gold is back! Now, you might think, “When was Rose Gold ever gone?”, but in fact, recent Apple gadgets all bore the regular Gold color. The Rose Gold has, obviously, a pink hue to it, making it more feminine. Could this be a hint that the new iPhone 12 will also come in Rose Gold? It’s certainly a possibility. After all, color-matching your Apple devices brings extra satisfaction.

Although it’s less neutral, we find the Rose Gold prettier than the regular Gold color that Apple used for its iPhone XS for example.

iPad Air 4 in Green

Apple didn’t give the iPad Air 4 green a fancy name but the color is far from your standard green. It’s a very light green color, one might even call it appropriately “airy”. Nothing close to the deep green of the iPhone 11 Pro. It’s not even the same as the iPhone 11’s milky green. That will put a damper on your color-matching efforts, unfortunately. Unless the iPhone 12 changes things up.

On the upside, if you pick up the green iPad Air 4, you’ll have something more unique, which, granted, is a stretch when we’re talking about Apple devices, but still, at least it will be far less common than Silver or Space Gray.
If you’re a nature lover and your apartment is full of plants, the green iPad Air will feel right at home. Or, you know, if you just like green.

iPad Air 4 in Sky Blue

The last iPad Air exclusive color is the Sky Blue. Just like the other two, it’s very subtle, in fact, it looks closer to silver with a blue hue. Still, it’s distinctly blue and considering the name of this iPad, it’s probably the most fitting color for it. It’s also not very often we get dedicated his and hers colors within the same product line. Sky Blue seems to be the color that Apple is most proud of and with good reason. It’s different but still elegant and can easily fit both in a professional environment and at home.
Overall, the selection of colors you get for the iPad Air 4 is unusually large and diverse. While the matte finish doesn’t allow them to be as striking as those on some other Apple devices, they’re still prominent enough to give your tablet some character.

And while it’s best to pick the one that suits you the most, keep in mind that if you’re looking to sell the iPad in a few years, the more common colors will be easier to sell but the exclusive ones might bring a bit more cash.
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