Always have the latest iPhone with Vodafone's annual upgrade promise

This story is sponsored by Vodafone UK.Tech moves fast in today's world. If you are among the people that alw

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This story is sponsored by Vodafone UK.
Tech moves fast in today's world. If you are among the people that always want to ride the wave of cutting-edge tech, having a year-old phone might feel jarring to you. That's why Vodafone has your back with annual trade-in upgrades, with no early upgrade fees to bog you down!
With the Vodafone Annual Upgrade Promise, you can always have the latest iPhone, without waiting for your contract to end, or wondering what to do with the old phone.

Here's how it works

Buy the latest iPhone from Vodafone — iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone SE — with monthly instalments on a 2-year contract. After your first 12 months are up, check to see if the latest-and-greatest iPhone is something you desire. If that happens to be the case, return your old phone (in working condition, no broken display or back casing) and grab the newest version on a renewed 2-year contract.

Normally, if you wanted to do that before your original 24 months were up, you'd owe an "early upgrade fee". With the current offer, Vodafone waives that fee for all of its eligible Vodafone Pay Monthly handsets.

The only thing you need to pay upon upgrading is the upfront cost of the new phone (if there is one) and the monthly fee of your new plan.

What phones and plans can I switch to?

When you renew your contract and device, the only rule that applies is that you choose a contract and phone that have the same — or higher — cost as your current plan and Pay Monthly phone.

If you don't feel like upgrading to the newest device, all is OK. Your 24-month contract goes on as regular.

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