After you’ve installed the beta, you will need to go to Settings > Control Center > More Controls and add Shazam to the Control Center. For those unaware with what Shazam does, it listens to and identifies music playing in the background, in apps, and even through a user’s AirPods. Apple, in one of its typically strategic acquisitions, purchased Shazam in December 2017 for a reported $400 billion. In iOS 14, you can even use Shazam with the new picture-in-picture feature to discover the music playing inside a video.
Also coming to the iOS 14.2 beta is a People Detection feature that measures the distance between two people; this is found in the Magnifier app. There are also some other changes including a new icon for the Apple Watch app that shows the new Apple Watch Solo Loop. And a new Now Playing widget will be available for the Control Center that lists recently played albums that you might want to listen to again when nothing else is playing.

If you’re wondering what has become of iOS 14.1, Apple could be planning to install it on the new iPhone 12 models just before release. That should happen sometime next month.