We have all been pretty excited about the official release of iOS 14 and the new home-screen widgets iPhone users can now benefit from. A new reports states that looking for inspiration for the new iOS 14 widgets has had users download the Pinterest app more than ever before. TechCrunch reports that now Pinterest has climbed up Apple’s App Store’s Top Charts, due to iPhone users’ interest in design inspiration for icons and widgets, along with wallpapers to match their new widgets.

According to data from intelligence firm Apptopia, Pinterest recorded approximately 616,000 new installs from the App Store just on September 21. What’s more, another intelligence firm, Sensor Tower, estimated that Pinterest has recorded approximately 680,000 global installs across both iOS and Android.

Additionally, Sensor Tower states that Pinterest is experiencing 32% week-over-week growth from September 13 to now and it climbed from being No. 47 on the top free apps on the App Store in the States (on Friday, September 18) to No. 7 (on Sunday, September 20).

Pinterest stated that they cannot comment on the app download figures, but the company confirmed that this isn’t due to some paid user acquisition campaign. The company stated that the increase in downloads is probably related directly to the new iOS 14 widgets. The company added that users use Pinterest as a resource for aesthetic inspiration, usually for offline spaces like bedrooms, but now users seems to be checking Pinterest out for inspiration for their online spaces too.