OnePlus is soon going to release the flagship OnePlus 8T series and while we are excitingly waiting for more leaks and information, XDA-Developers reports that the China-based company has now uploaded its Messages app on the Google Play Store, so owners of OnePlus phones can get their updates in a more timely manner.

OnePlus has previously uploaded some of its OnePlus apps to the Google Play Store, such as OnePlus Weather and OnePlus Notes, and now its time for the company’s Messages app to join in.

The app is not currently available as a public release and is not yet stable and official, so if you happen to download it, you might experience unwanted behavior. However, users will soon be able to receive their OnePlus Messages update from the Google Play Store. This means that OnePlus smartphone owners will not have to wait for a full OxygenOS update to update the Messages app.

The Google Play version of OnePlus Messages has some changes

The Google Play Store release of the Messages apps features several changes, including a button for users to copy one-time passwords from notifications with just a tap. Additionally, you will be able to organize your messages in categories, such as OTP (One-Time Passwords), Transactions, and Promotional. This will make it easier for you to easily locate your personal messages.

What’s more, the Messages app also features a new card format, seen in the image above, that will display the most important information of a message in an organized card-like manner.