A small but meaningful part of the iOS 14 update is the ability to change the default mail and internet browser apps, finally giving iPhone users the option to break free from the confines of Apple’s own Safari and Mail apps. Now, Gmail is making full use of the ability with its latest update on iOS. As SlashGear reported, the latest version 6.0.200825 of the Gmail app for iPhones and iPads now features the ability to set it as the default email app, meaning all Mailto: links will automatically open in Google’s email client.

In order to use this function, you’ll need your iOS device and Gmail app to both be up to date. Then, you can go to Settings > Gmail to switch it to default. This is a major change in tune for the Cupertino-based tech firm, which is famous for its ‘walled garden’ principle of maintaining tight control over all parts of its ecosystem.

So why switch to Gmail? It’s the most popular email client worldwide, for one, and the enhanced syncing with non-Apple devices could be an attractive proposition to some. Plus, while Apple’s software is renowned for its security, April’s news concerning major weaknesses in the Mail app have proven that it isn’t perfect. The Google vs. Apple debate is really a whole different debate, but the important thing is that Apple is now offering the choice.

Have you updated to iOS 14, and if so, are you switching up your default apps?