Here is my super-bougie restyling of an everyday Ghanaian hot chile condiment. When you have all the ingredients, this is a beautifully easy thing to make. And my bet is that once you’ve made it, you’ll be shouting at your West African friends because no one told you about it before. Until now, you thought XO sauce solved everything. Until now, you thought sambal belacan was the only smoked fish dip the world needed. But now, you’ve realized: I shito, therefore I am. This recipe is luxurious, it is decadent, it is rich and textured for lavish enjoyment. Right here is where hot pepper sauce dreams comes true.


The shito comes together quickly and requires your focus and love. But as long as you’ve prepped and measured everything in advance, it is actually very simple. Also, there’s hella oil up in here—that’s because it will act as a preservative to extend shelf life. Don’t panic, you do need it all.


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