9to5Google has spotted the Pixel 5a in the Android Open Source Project. That’s quite reassuring, as a recent report had hinted that Google’s next year’s smartphone plans may get disrupted because of its extended work from home policy.
The Pixel 5a will run Android 11, which means it will probably arrive in May next year. Other than that, no other details have been mentioned, which is totally understandable. Google is reportedly making its own chip which will power the Pixel 6 and we think the Pixel 5a will probably stick with Qualcomm-made silicon. Of course, that’s just speculation on our part as it’s hard to comment on Google’s plans right now.

Pixel 4a 5G to come pre-installed with Android 11

Android 11 will likely be made official in September, which means the device will not be released before that. Unlike the LTE Pixel 4a which is coming this Monday, the 5G version is expected to feature the Snapdragon 765G, the same chip which will probably power the Pixel 5. The high-end device is also expected to sport a 120Hz screen. 
Google will likely leave behind some habits such as Motion Sense this year and polish the basics. That’s good news, as although the Soli radar chip has potential, it’s not particularly useful on the Pixel 4 at the moment.